Catfight: Chantelle Fox v's Mercy

Competitive Catfight Chantelle V's Mercy
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Catfight description
Lovers of real catfights know what to expect from Mercy; 100% commitment and a cast-iron guarantee that she will always go for her opponent's hair. Chantelle Fox is not fazed by this teenage upstart as she intends to show young Mercy exactly how she can fight! Chantelle has a slight height and weight advantage over Mercy. Not that that would bother her opponent as she's use to fighting bigger girls, and more importantly, winning! Extreme determination (by both ladies) with vicious hair pulling, hard slaps, throwing opponent to the floor, plus crying while fighting, makes this a very unique and thrilling hard-core catfight! Not as one-sided as you may think.

Price: $19:99
Length: 21 mins